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A Comprehensive Development Initiative
Families and Youth
Adminstrative Team
Mary Beals-Luedtka
Susan Barrington
Tricia Berlowe
Al Carter
Sean Clendaniel
Lori Deutsch
Maggie Garvey
Harvey Grady
Mike Johnsen
Marcia Jacobson
Tracey McConnell
Natalia McKendry

Fritzi Mevis
Bob Moore
Ed Naylor
Nannette Oatley
Casey Osborne
LaBeth Pondish
Marsha Rand
Ginni Trask
Michael Whiting
Carla Woody
Robert Zieve, MD
Organizational Overview
Civic Education
The Family and Youth Team is just beginning to organize. Marcia Jacobson of First Things First is coordinating the development of the team along with Lori Deutsch of Youth Count. The Family Support Collaborative developed by First Things First will serve as the Family and Youth Team. The Family Support Collaborative (FSC) is a network for individuals, coalitions, and organizations involved in Family support services in the Yavapai Region. The mission of the FSC is to provide support to community coalitions and projects that improve the early childhood system, create opportunities for collaboration to occur between community coalitions and to serve as a bridge between the community and the Yavapai Regional Partnership Council, which is responsible for allocating funds to programs and organizations providing services to families with young children in our region. For a diagram of this process click here.
Organizational Overview
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Organizational Overview
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